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Welcome to the fine art photohaiku of Roderick Ayres. As a photographer and haiku poet, he often juxtaposes images and words in an attempt to elicit from the viewer’s mind an intuitive resonance, an expansion of the mind and feelings. The curiousity and playfulness in this process reflects an appreciation for direct experience, something key to Zen Buddhism and its influence on the haiku form. It also makes the work more personal and meaningful. 

 Each print and book is created with utmost quality and longevity in mind. The working process applies fully archival materials typical of galleries and museums. The matte displays a hand-written haiku in metallic gold or silver, and each artwork is, on the back, labelled and certified.  Books are created in a square format with the print versions being of high production quality. Have fun looking around!

Books of Words & Images

Tossed Pebbles, Living Words & Images  is a peaceful and deeply engaging collection of haiku poems with nature photographs. It is 144 pages and 7” x 7.” By juxtaposing some haiku with photographs the meaning is expanded beyond their individual parts. Makes a wonderful quality gift book as it is beautifully produced on gloss art paper with a stiff cover having French folds.

Examples are on the Samples page.

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Wind Rippling, Living Words & Images  is a lovely, thought-provoking and engaging collection of photographs with succinct literary pieces. It’s 150 pages are divided into three sections: Aphorisms & Images, Haiku & Images and Vignettes and Images. The photographs are paired with various written pieces. It is currently in eBook formats, and will become available as another quality printed book.

Examples are on the Samples page.

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“It’s beautiful. It left me with such a sense of peace.”
– Shirley K. Victoria
Shirley K.
Shirley K.Literary Agent
“When I took Tossed Pebbles into my reading chair and had some quiet time, I really began to appreciate the thought and ideas that went into the haiku.”
– Hope S. Ladysmith, multiple purchase customer
Hope S.
Hope S.Teacher
“Really terrific production values of the book” J. Munro, owner Munro’s Books
Jim Munro
Jim MunroOwner
If you are new to Haiku you will find this beautiful collection extremely enlightening and intriguing.
The almost surreal photographs in this lovely book are truly magical and breathtaking!
I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend this to any lover of: nature photography, Zen style and meditation and of course Haiku / Japanese style poems.
J. Trevor Paget
J. Trevor PagetEntrepreneur & Renaissance Man

Sample PhotoHaiku

Sample images


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